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Don Martin Quispe

According to the peopel of Q’ero Don Martin is one of the most powerful masters of the High Andes. They call him an altomesayoq (high priest) because of his special initiations and powers. This makes Don Martin one of only two high priests left in the Q’ero nation. And therefore he is also an important part of our spiritual journey Magical Peru.

He received an important part of his education from Don Andres Espinoza, a master who died in 1981 and whom people in the mountains still remember today. Don Andres probably ran the last official Q’ero school, where the spiritual knowledge of the Incas was taught at the highest level.

No one can say exactly how old Don Martin is; his son Lorenzo estimated in 2019 that his father must be in his early 70s. In fact, when Martin was born, there was no obligation for the indigenous population in Peru to be officially registered, and so it is almost impossible to give their exact age, especially for older people.