Elke & Hans-Martin

We are Inka World

Inka World was founded in 2012 by Hans-Martin Beck and Elke Steinbach as a platform for the spiritual knowledge of the Incas. We have been – and still are – so enthusiastic about this nature wisdom teaching as it has helped us in a beautiful and gentle way to change our lives.

Today we are so fortunate to live what we always wanted to: a content, beautiful, quiet and yet an exciting life.

We travel a lot – alone, as a couple, in a threesome (with our dog) as well as with indigenous masters, friends and teachers from Peru. In addition, we organize a number of workshops in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, are booked throughout Europe for our Workshop@Home program and carry out spiritual journeys to the Alps and to Peru.

We learn new languages, meet many people and make exciting experiences. Our life is not always easy (well, whose life is it?) but it’s the best and the only one we can imagine. We’re looking forward to every new day and every new year.

And that’s why we would like to pass on a piece of our happiness and fortune. So, in case you receive through this website an impulse that helps you bring something new into your life and shape it the way you never thought possible, let us know …

For questions or comments just send us a message. We’re looking forward to your feedback.

Kind regards, see you soon
Elke and Hans-Martin


Der spirituelle Lehrer, Hans-Martin Beck, in Peru vor bunten Inka-Decken
Eine Gruppe von Praktizierenden der Inka-Tradition (genannt Paqos) vor dem Tempel von Urcos
Elke Steinbach, Inka-Meisterin aus Deutschland, beim Pusten in Coca-Blätter während einer Despacho-Zeremonie in Peru