Teachers we work together with

Experts of the Inca Tradition

At Inka World, we work with experienced Western experts and teachers who convey the spiritual wisdom of the Incas. In addition, three times a year we offer the opportunity to meet powerful indigenous masters from Peru and to experience their abilities first-hand during a one-to-one session, a Despacho ceremony or during a healing journey.

Among the Western teachers with whom we organise workshops and spiritual journeys are, for example, Prof. Juan Núñez del Prado and Ivan Núñez del Prado from Peru, Elizabeth Jenkins from the USA, and Hans-Martin Beck and Elke Steinbach from Germany.

These experts live and teach the Inca tradition with all their heart and in their own personal way. Each one of them has a deep understanding of the Inca spirituality and teaches techniques that have been passed down for generations from master to student. Furthermore, the all initiate students in the fourth level of consciousness at which people are able to see life and all their experiences from a grander point of view.