Die Mesa eines Inka-Schamanen mit seinen Chumpi-Steinen

Healing sessions with Inka masters

Authentic energy work with indiginous healers from Peru

Have you ever noticed that some events, situations or behaviors in life keep repeating themselves – and you don’t know why they are happening to you? You feel drained and powerless, life is exhausting and you miss that kind of easiness you had when you were younger. You feel as if your energy was literally blocked and you have no idea how to resolve this.

Energy work with an Inca Master can help you to change these situations from within, allowing you to view and re-evaluate them from a new perspective.

This work is all about releasing your energetic blockages so that your energy flows freely. The Inkas call this transforming heavy energy into light. It means that you will be charged with new power and you will receive new energy of life (the indiginous master call this lost parts of your soul). For the people of the high Andes in Peru, this energy work has been for so many generations the most direct way  to start a deep process of change and achieve inner balance.

You now have the opportunity to work with two powerful masters, Wilma Pinedo Sanchez and Francisco Apaza Flores.

Der Inka-Meister, Priester und Schamane der Q'eros, Francisco Apaza

Francisco Apaza Flores

Francisco is a respected master from the Q’ero area in the high Andes of Peru. He was the first elected Q’ero president of this indigenous nation many years ago. As a paqo, teacher and shaman he works with clients from all over the world while applying the ancient healing techniques of his people .

Die Inka-Meisterin Wilma bei einerm Despacho

Wilma Pinedo Sanchez

Wilma is an indigenous master and healer from a little town near Cusco, Peru. While still in the womb of her mother she was initiated by a lightning strike. Wilma is the granddaughter of Doña Natividad Challayku and Don Benito Qoriwaman, two famous healers and teachers from the sacred valley of Cusco.


Appointments with Francisco or Wilma always take place on Monday and Wednesday. They last around 45 minutes and cost 125 EUR. During the booking process, you can choose from a calendar the date that suits you best.

Please keep in mind: I am located in Germany while the masters are in Peru. All displayed times refer to Central European Time (CET) which translates to UTC+1 (Universal Time Coordinated).

Check out your actual time on this World Clock.

Session procedure

All appointments take place long-distance. At the time you booked, I will call you via WhatsApp video and we will briefly talk about your issue. You will then remain online while I contact Francisco or Wilma.

In your presence I will translate your information and the masters can ask you directly if something is unclear. When all questions have been clarified, we will end the call, you will lie down and close your eyes while Wilma or Francisco start working.

Please remember: There will be no final call at the end of the session as there is nothing more to say for the masters. At this point they have already transformed all the heavy energy they had perceived and thereby done everything that was in their powers. So they will not talk anin order not to disturb you.


Once you reserved your appointment, please make sure to pay for it by credit card or PayPal (both procedures are being processed via Paypal).

In case you don’t have a Paypal account, you can still make your payment without creating a Paypal account beforehand. Just give it a try.


As soon as you reserved your appointment and paid for it there will be no refund in case you cancel the appointment. You may name a replacement person to take your session but you need to let me know beforehand.

In case you forget your appointment or do not keep it, you are not eligible for a refund or a new free-of-chrge appointment.


I recommend that you take part in this kind of energy work without any expectations. In the days following the session, please stay relaxed and examine what has changed in your personal condition or inner attitude.

Such an individual session is energy work in which heavy energy is transformed into light energy. However, you should never replace a doctor’s visit or planned therapy without prior consultation.

If you are receiving medical or therapeutic treatment, talk to your contact person about your plans before booking a session with an Inka shaman.