Focus topics related with the Inca tradition 


Please find below a series of brief articles, essays and interviews that illuminate various topics around the spiritual tradition of the high Andes and the Inca spirituality.


The “Inka Trail” refers to the approximately 25,000 km to 30,000 km (15,500 – 18,500 miles) network of roads built by the Inkas over a period of 100 years and whose connecting, main and side streets connected all strategically important locations of the empire like a spider web. One of the major roads led from Cusco over the Andes to Pasto in Colombia. The stones used to make the road surface were worked individually by hand. Often, walls were added to ensure the stability of the road or to protect against flooding.

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Myth or truth

Did Incas, Mayas and Aztecs ever meet? And did the Incas really practise human sacrifices as so many people believe? This essay on Myth or Truth will answer your questions…

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Diseases and their origins

Interview with Juan Nuñez del Prado (Peru, July 2012) Diseases and their origins This interview with Juan Núñez del Prado, a khuraq akkuleq ("Elder") of Inca wisdom, was written in July 2012 in Peru. It reflects the very personal opinion of this master; he does not...

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Condor and hummingbird

This story from the Andes describes how it came about that the condor is still regarded as the king of the skies but has conceded its status as the primary spiritual messenger of heaven or as messenger of the upper world to the hummingbird – because after more than 5,000 years the hummingbird is the initiator, the key to the next stage of development of human consciousness.

It so happened once that the birds of the Andes wanted to choose a king. They gathered and each candidate came forward to describe what great skills he possessed, of what great benefit he could be to the community and why he should be elected king.

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From sun cult to Christianity

Humanity is based on six original civilizations that developed independently in various locations around the world. These were: Egypt, Babylon, China, India, Mesopotamia, and Central America. Excavations at Caral (Peru) suggest that the second oldest civilization after the Sumerians developed there around 4,600 years ago. The Andean tradition thus looks back on nearly 5,000 years of history from the Chavín to the Tiahuanaco culture, but written records have only been kept for the last 500 years.

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Changes in the Inca tradition

The changes that this tradition has experienced during the past 500 years can be illustrated by means of several examples: Concerning the prophecy, today we have six women and six men as the basis – instead of 12 women and one Inca. This is a radical change. Enlightenment will not exclusively be achieved by a man but instead, a woman and a man will attain enlightenment at the same time. The entire system has thus been transformed and developed further.

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Inca shamanism or Inca religion?

Defined in general terms, shamanism describes the ideas and practices of a shaman who takes care of a small community, a tribe or a clan utilizing his spiritual powers. The shaman has the ability to call on supernatural (metaphysical) forces and use them for the benefit of his surroundings.

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The prophecy of the Incas

The Tawantinsuyu, the Qechua name for the Inkan empire (“Four nations united“), was ruled by an emperor by divine right, who was equipped with great personal strength. This Inkan was regarded by his subjects as a vehicle of cosmic energy, in whom the order for prosperity and justice was inherent and who at the same time ensured that Ayni (reciprocity of give and take) was fulfilled and lived by all.

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The Q’eros: Descendants of the Incas

The remote villages of the Q’eros are located at an altitude of over 4,400 meters (approx. 14,400 ft) above sea level in the snowcapped Vilcanota mountain range, the highest in south-east Peru. The Q’ero nation currently numbers around 2,000 people, divided among 14 villages.

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AYNI – the force of reciprocity

The low clouds are like fog banks around the Andean peak. It is early morning. I have traveled thousands of miles, halfway around the earth, to these high altitudes where the air is thin. For five long years I have waited to get here, since I first learned about the indigenous people’s beautiful and timeless wisdom.

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