Teacher we work together with

Prof. Juan Núñez del Prado

Juan followed the footsteps of his father Oscar Núñez del Prado, studying anthropology at the University of Cusco and specialising in the religious culture of the Incas and their indigenous descendants. During his studies, his contact with these people has led him to seek initiations into the Inca tradition.

For more than 10 years, he learned with Don Benito Qoriwaman, a famous healer, altomesayoq and paqo from Wasao in the valley of Cusco. Don Benito is the man whom Shirley Maclaine describes in her book “It’s all in the playing.” It was also Benito who sparked Juan’s interest in this ancient wisdom teaching.

Subsequently, Juan expanded his knowledge further by working with other well-known masters such as Andres Espinosa, Melchor Deza, Manuel Qispe, and Mariano Apaza and gained practically endless experience. It is important to him to share his knowledge with students around the world according to Ayni, the only commandment of the Inka religion.

It could be said that Juan Núñez del Prado is probably the individual with the most comprehensive knowledge of the Inca tradition, the energy work of the Incas and all their myths today. These days, even young Q’eros seek him out to learn from him, which he considers a great honour and sign of appreciation.

Due to his innate curiosity and his scientific background as an anthropologist, Juan never grows tired of expanding his knowledge in the areas of astronomy, psychology, comparative religion and connecting it with the spirituality of the Incas and the Inca tradition.