Teacher we work together with

Francisco Apaza Flores

Francisco is the son of the famous high priest Mariano Apaza from Hatun Q’ero. In the high Andes of Peru Francisco is a well known and respected master, who – like all practitioners – is at the same time priest, healer and shaman. With the help of powerful despachos (= mandalas of the Incas) as well as his medicine bag (= misha) he brings the living energy of the universe into flow. This enables people people to let go of their heavy emotions and problems, experience healing and enjoy a „flow of life“.

We share a deep friendship as well as strong family ties with Francisco. Our connection has grown through many experiences in Peru and Europe over more than 10 years, at the same time we are the godparents of his granddaughter Jasmina.

Francisco was, by the way, the first president that the Q’ero nation elected as its representative to the Peruvian government. As soon as you meet him you immediately feel his kindness and great strength. Today he is therefore also an important part of our spiritual journey Magical Peru.