Kausay 1


Kausay is Qechua and translates as “Living Energy”. For the Inka tradition, the entire universe and everything in it – the people, the plants and trees, the rocks and stones, the animals and all man-made objects – are made up of living energy, and if something consists of energy, it not only has a body or a form, but also an energy bubble (poq’po), with which one can connect.

Kausay, living energy, is never negative or positive, never good or evil, and never insulting or hostile. Kausay is just energy that either flows or stagnates. If energy flows, it is light – the Inka religion refers to light energy as sami. If the energy stagnates, however, it becomes heavy – heavy energy is referred to as jucha or hoocha (chu-tscha).

The great achievement of the ancient Inkan masters was undoubtedly recognizing the fact that and the manner in which humans can move kausay with the help of their intention, meaning their spirit or imagination. Only humans can bring kausay to a stop or allow it to flow using their free will.

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