Ayni 1


Ayni describes the only commandment of the Inka religion that the Indians of the Andes know and keep until this day. This is a kind of cosmic law that is both part of everyday life as well as part of a supernatural order. Ayni is a concept with many facets, which, simply put, amounts to the following: If you give something, you have the right to receive something. And when you receive something, you have the obligation to give something back.

Ayni describes a reality that seeks to remind people of their unique abilities as co-creators and transformers of their world. Ayni is about sharing so that everyone is provided with what he or she needs; it concerns the sharing of knowledge and wisdom so humanity may develop and harmony may be strengthened. It ultimately refers to a form of equality.

If it is applied in human relationships, groups, or systems, for example, Ayni can create an intentional force field that opens up the possibility for positive change, synchronicities or even miracles.

A detailed description of Ayni can be found on this website under Ayni – The force of reciprocity.