Amaru 1


Amaru (a-ma-ru) means snake and is symbolized by the anaconda in the Inka tradition. It represents the creative power of the Earth and Mother Nature as well as the creative power of humankind. The Amaru is also the connection to the underworld (uju pacha) A.K.A. the inner world.

In a figurative sense, the Amaru stands for energies which humans can direct, control and use in a purposeful manner outside of their bodies. You will learn exactly how this works and what this power can be used for in the workshop Inka path 3 with Juan and Ivan Núñez del Prado.

The Q’eros, descendants of the Inkas, still refer to the rainbow as “Amaru of the day” and the Milky Way as “Amaru of the night.” In the Amazon region of Peru, there are small villages whose inhabitants tame anacondas and keep them as pets so that they protect the home and family against intruders such as the puma.